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Create 3D videos and animation.

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Cinema 4DOverview

Cinema 4D offers you all you need to create high-end 3D pictures and animations - right out of the box. And CINEMA 4D's modular design - with a total of 8 modules that you can buy individually - allows you to custom fit the application to suit your needs and your budget. The XL and Studio bundles offer groups of modules at significant savings.



  • New Variation Shader
  • New Display Color Shader
  • Filter Shader: New Checkbox to switch color grading on/off
  • New Formula Shader
  • New Lens Distortion Shader
  • New Lens Distortion render effects
  • New Take System
  • New Token System
  • Global Material Override
  • Team Render Improvements
  • Watermark Post-Effect now support Takes


  • New Spline Sketch Tool
  • New Spline Pen Tool
  • New Spline Arc Tool
  • New Spline Smooth Tool
  • New Spline Boolean Commands: Substract, Union, And, Or, Intersect
  • Spline Mask supports new boolean modes
  • Spline Mask now supports more than two splines
  • New behavior of the ESC key
  • New Trackball navigation mode
  • Mesh Check Enhancements
  • Poly Pen Enhancements


  • New Euler Filter
  • New Autotangent modes
    • Weighted Tangents
    • Fixed Slope Autotangent mode
    • Remove Overshoot Flag
    • Auto Weighting Flag
  • Timeline Enhancements
    • New Preferences
      • Link Key/Fcurve Selection
      • OM Single object linking
      • OM Single object linking but displays the tags
      • FCurve ListView
      • FCurve Non-hierarchical listview
    • Changes:
      • Tab instead of space bar to switch between Dopesheet/Fcurve
      • Improved shift behavior
      • Space bar now plays but only when Timeline is active
      • The interactive update now also work in Dopesheet mode
      • General speedup
      • Now there are 2 Timeline commands (to open Dopesheet or FCurve)
      • Zoom to cursor
      • Extended marker to range markers and added color
      • Show tangents of selected curves
      • User Data groups are now also displayed in the Timeline
      • When the preference „Track Color" is set to Track Color, the tracks names are also colored in the list views
      • HPB should now has the correct color order.
      • There is a new deselect command so that CTRL-Shift A can deselect everything
      • The Timeline now remembers the last active area (Object area or main area) and then selects/deselect all accordingly
      • New „Lock Ratio" command for locked zooming in FCurve Mode - shift toggles between locked/not locked ratio
  • Powerslider Enhancements
    • CTRL-Shift to create markers
    • There are new commands in the context menu of the Powerslider
    • Double click in the lower area of the Powerslider extends the range to the document range
    • Extended markers also displayed in the Powerslider
    • Optimized default behaviours


  • Erase Brush: New "Erase Masked" button
  • New „Sculpt To PoseMorph" command
  • Grab Brush: New Surface Distance Option
  • Stencil Tile Preview
  • Flatten Brush: NewFixed Plane Option „Custom Plane"
  • Radial Symmetry supports a custom center point
  • Sculpt Brushes now Support Guide Snapping
  • Backface Sculpting Option
  • Edge Detect Option
  • Mask Brush Improvement
  • Symmetry Dialog: New „Find nearest point" option


  • BrushDabData
  • SculptBrushParams
  • SculptObject


  • lib_sculptbrush.h
  • SculptMouseData
  • Spline Brush SDK Example
  • Other Additions
  • lib_sculpt.h

Motion Tracker

  • New Graph View with Top-Down and Graph mode
  • Lens Distortion Tool for Camera Calibrator and Motion Tracker


  • New OBJ Import/Export with support for materials
  • New Sketchup Import
  • FBX now supports Takes
  • AE now supports Takes


  • Integration of the Houdini Engine

Workflow and Interface

  • New Color Chooser
  • Bitmap Shader has a new function to locate the file in Finder/Explorer
  • "Locate Image..." now works correctly for presets
  • Naming tool now also works with Tags, Materials, Layers and Takes
  • Enhanced Camera HUD
  • Rendersettings HUD
  • Attributes Manager: New Layer mode
  • Material Editor: Presets for refraction
  • The last selected objects gets a different highlight color in the Object Manager
  • The Texture Manager now can remove links to Textures (e.g. Textures in deactivated channels)
  • The PictureViewer now also displays the frame number of the rendered frame.
  • The rendertime display moved to a more prominent place in the PictureViewer
  • The cursor keys can now be used to navigate the Texture Manager


  • Metaball Enhancements: New „Line" and „Triangle" types, „Accurate Normals" method
  • Threaded redraw of texture custom user interface
  • Automatic network proxy detection
  • Viewport Dither
  • New command line parameter to render Takes
  • Merge now supports Takes
  • New Override Node for XPresso
  • New OpenGL base system Context, OpenGL 3.2 required
  • Image loaders are now interuptable. This allows early exit for threaded user interface updates.

Cinema 4DTech Specs

Free to try
File Size
2.89 GB
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
  • OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • Core 2 Solo or faster

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